Architects and Engineers working together… really!

Why put them under the one roof?


Michael McVeigh by Michael McVeigh


Many of our clients, at one stage or another has asked us, why put architects and engineers under the one roof? I can answer this with the clarity that comes from watching our team work and grow together. It has been several years since we started offering integrated services, incorporating architectural, structural and civil engineering.


I started McVeigh in 1988 and since then, in the 30 years we have operated, we have focused on creating value for our clients.  Our team has become well known for its ability to quantify projects faster, achieve stronger presales, shorten development timelines, and reduce costs of construction. In doing this we have discovered many areas in which to innovate.  The most valuable of which is to have engineers and architects working side-by-side to design in an integrated manner.


The last few years have seen our business morph by adopting technologies and processes, and bringing in the most appropriate people to drive innovation, and the result makes me very proud.  It is exciting to say that our people do not think like individual architects and engineers, working in a silo, isolated from the rest of the market. Instead, they think about value, and how we can value add with our efficient designs through the combination of excellent architecture and engineering.



We are an integrated structural, civil, architectural services firm. We are 3rd Party Accredited in our Quality Management System against ISO9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Requirements, copies of which are available upon request. Our integrated and systematic approach to our projects means that we are able to deliver a higher quality of design services in a shorter time and for lower cost, whatever the nature or size of the project.


Whether working with a our integrated team, or with a team of external consultants, we have the flexibility to ensure that the right people are involved at the right time resulting in faster and better quality engineering and architectural outcomes for our client.


Most importantly, we are easy to work with and we deliver.