Client / St Hilliers
Location / Ballina, NSW
Value / $5 million
Services / Architecture, Civil and Structural Engineering
Sector / Aviation


The Aviation Rescue and Fire Fighting Service (ARFFS)operate 22 airports around Australia. Ballina Byron Gateway Airport has experienced a sufficient increase in passenger transit over the last 10 years leading to the required expansion of the airport.


St Hilliers and McVeigh worked together to service ARFFS with an operational facility that complied with the standard regulations and is in accordance with their Functional Design Brief (FDB).


ARFFS also expressed their desire to maintain good relationships with the local community throughout the project and beyond.
Concerns were raised by ARFFS during the design of the project regarding possible conflict with the Functional Design Brief. Through the use of detailed visual analysis workshops, McVeigh successfully worked alongside St Hilliers to provide certainty of the key statutory obligations, and was able to provide clarity and assurance to ARFFS for the designs of the runway and outbuildings in relation to the current Fire Control Centre.

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