Client / Baulderstone
Location / Port of Brisbane
Construction Value / $80 million (total)
Services / Architecture, Structural Engineering and Civil Engineering
Sector / Industrial


The Brisbane Container Terminals new operations facility is a two storey building encompassing staff amenities, dining and kitchen spaces, offices and a training room on the ground floor. The first floor is office and meeting spaces for the corporate and management staff.


The challenge for the architectural team was to design an aesthetically pleasing building that was also able to reference an industrial feel to suit the buildings purpose and surroundings.


We succeeded in both our, and more importantly, the client’s vision for the buildings’ design, through the use of steel sheeting and a shed-like roof to incorporate an industrial design into a functioning, architecturally pleasing workspace.


The sun shading for the northwest and southwest was designed not only to serve as thermal comfort, but to also create an inventive break between extended expanses of one material. The wrapping wall/awnings and observation deck extend beyond the facade for definition from the concrete and glazing.


The colour palette has been kept clean and neutral to highlight the architectural design of the building and remain true to the industrial design brief. Blue glazing has been used for its energy efficiency which emphasizes the buildings Environmentally Sustainable Design qualities.


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