Brisbane 1

Client / R&F Properties
Location / South Brisbane, Queensland
Value / $150 million
Services / Structural and Civil Engineering Services


Brisbane 1 is an architecturally designed triple tower mixed-use development located just 1km from Brisbane CBD. The three-tower complex consists of one 12, 28 and 30-storey residential towers. The impressive complex includes 608 apartments and 11 retail stores, five levels of common amenities and three levels of basement carparking. All three towers have rooftop recreation spaces, with Towers One and Three boasting open air terraces.

We worked closely with the client to realise their key outcome of developing an iconic glass building in Brisbane’s CBD that provided large luxury apartments. Through close collaboration with the client and the architect on the project, we achieved an efficient structural design that integrated seemlessly with the architects design. We accomplished the clients vision and established certainty of the apartment layout prior to their marketing submissions.

By completing extensive wind tunnel testing, we were able to reduce the quantity of the core walls which translated into a substantial cost saving of $285,000 for the client. 3D modelling of the post tensioned systems allowed for a better understanding of potential clashes in the design of the concrete transfer slabs which created a more buildable design.

Hamilton Mixed Use Development

Client / Bloomer Constructions
Location / Hamilton, Queensland
Value / $29 million
Services / Structural and Civil Engineering Services

The Hamilton Mixed Use development is an eight storey mixed-use tower with 200 hotel rooms over six storey’s, two storey’s of commercial space including a McDonalds Restaurant and one level of underground parking.

The McVeigh team worked closely with the architect to rectify and resolve the critical design issues at the front end of the project to eliminate risks and develop the cost plan accurately. Many engineering options were investigated, including precast concrete, composite construction and permanent form work to ensure the most appropriate and economical solutions were reached and implemented.

We worked collaboratively with Bloomer Constructions to ensure that an appropriate level of environmental testing was performed on the site to assess the level of contamination. This testing determined that
contamination in the ground from the sites industrial history fortunately had not contaminated the ground water resulting in a considerable cost saving for the client with the selection of a drained basement design.

McVeigh’s innovative approach allowed us to eliminate a transfer structure at ground floor and reduce the basement excavation by hanging the level two slabfrom the level three transfer structure.


85 O’Connell Street Apartments

Client / Oracle Estates
Location / Kangaroo Point
Value / $4 million
Services / Integrated Architectural, Civil Engineering and Structural Engineering Services
Sector / Residential


McVeigh Consultants was commissioned by Oracle Estates to review an existing DA for 19 units, with a view to improve the quality of the floor plans and external appearance of the building.


Our design philosophy was based around the premise of simple lines, and efficient use of every square metre of GFA. With the rising cost of housing and the increasing difficulty for first home owners to enter the market, maximum efficiency and usability of all floor space was an important factor both to our clients and prospective purchasers.


This residential apartment project includes 19 units, incorporating open plan living spaces, and economically designed kitchen andbathroom spaces. The living spaces flow out into balconies, which increases the perception of living space.


The building site is located on a major thoroughfare through Kangaroo Point, and the project site is surrounded by 10-15 storey buildings. The designs inspiration evolves from this high density setting, i.e. the smaller white cube representing our boutique design enmeshed within the grey of the surrounding urban mass. This is represented with the  white / charcoal palette of colours.


A small project budget of $4 million, this design makes a small but lasting contribution to the Kangaroo Point streetscape.

25 Musk Avenue, Kelvin Grove

Client / Brisbane Housing Company
Location / Kevin Grove
Value / $8.4 million
Services / Structural and Civil Engineering
Sector / Residential


Located at the heart of the Kelvin Grove Urban Village, 25 Musk Ave is a mixed unit development for the Brisbane Housing Company, an organisation that provides appropriate, secure and affordable rental housing in the city of Brisbane to people in need.


The 50 unit building has a concrete frame and blockwork construction with an internal atrium and courtyard connected by balconies. The site is cut into a hill and incorporates two levels of semi-basement carparking and commercial office space. Two levels of complicated transfer structures were required to achieve the best parking, office and residential spaces within the building.


McVeigh Consultants provided structural and civil engineering services to help achieve a robust, but cost effective building that complemented the neighbourhood within the client’s tight budget.

NERO Apartments

Client / PSST Investments
Location / Newstead, Queensland
Value / $30 million
Services / Structural Engineering Services
Sector/ Residential


Nero Apartments located at 71 Doggett Street, Newstead comprises 107, one, two and three-bedroom luxury apartments with landscaped recreational spaces that include a communal lounge area, undercover kitchen, pizza oven, teppanyaki grill and pool.


Our client’s objective was to deliver sophisticated hotel-style luxury apartments that appeal to both owner occupiers and investors. McVeigh worked closely with Ellivo Architects to gain an understanding of the key selling points for the apartments so that we could provide a structural geometry that achieved the clients vision.


McVeigh’s design team kept the client’s outcomes at the forefront of their minds and remained flexible by providing options to accommodate the desired floor plans to suit our client’s changing requirements during construction.


Simplicity of design to aid in the speed of construction was a key objective for the builder so a variety of vertical wall construction types such as blockwork, precast, permanent formwork and traditional insitu concrete were explored to ensure the most efficient construction techniques were used.


The McVeigh team overcame challenges presented by the project including variable ground conditions affecting the construction of the three-storey basement, multiple transfer slab requirements to achieve the desired floor plans and the inclusion of the recreational spaces and penthouse apartments through close collaboration with our client and Ellivo Architects.

Thynne Road Warehouse

Client / GJJ Nominees (Abcor)
Location / Colmslie, QLD
Value / $9.6 million
Services / Architecture, Structural and Civil Engineering
Sector/ Industrial


The Thynne Road Warehouse project involved the development of a 10,650m2 warehouse for a steel fabricating company. The design incorporated a 3 bay loading dock with a 12m cantilevered awning and an 825m2 mezzanine office.

For the duration of the project, our design team worked in close proximity with the client to ensure that the buildings steelwork was detailed and fabricated efficiently.

Creative thinking ensured that challenges such as the construction of a 4.5m high insitu concrete retaining wall set 250mm off the property boundary, were met and easily overcome.

Getting involved in the fire engineering component of the design meant that McVeigh Consultants were able to effectively save its client money through coordinating the most efficient fire sprinkler design with the building and its structural geometry.

Mainfreight Larapinta

Client / FK Gardener and Sons
Location / Larapinta
Value / $23 million
Services / D&C Submission – Integrated Structural and Civil Engineering, Architecture and Project Management
Sector / Industrial


McVeigh have a wealth of experience in bulky goods storage projects, and understand that the future operational functionality of this facility had a direct impact on our clients
bottom line. We therefore ensured we understood all aspects of the business operations, from the number of deliveries expected per day to how many forklift charge points  were required.


The current layout was scrutinised by numerous key members of our clients team, and the documented scheme accounted for intricate logistics and maximised site development potential. McVeigh understood that as owner occupiers, this project was not only a workplace but also a long term investment for stakeholders. We selected the most suitable and durable materials for the construction, whilst keeping minimal maintenance and cost a priority.


We also understood that safety was of an upmost importance and priority to the client, therefore we ensured that safety in design was both a major factor in shaping the final designs and was monitored and reported on throughout the process.


The cost saving measures table demonstrates the benefits of having architects, civil and structural engineers under one roof. The total construction dollars we identified in just our own disciplines alone totalled $2.2m; around 9.5% of the estimated construction budget.

KNAUF Plasterboard Factory

Client / Hutchinson Builders
Location / Bundaberg, Queensland
Value / $70 million
Services / Integrated Architectural, Structural and Civil Engineering
Sector / Industrial


The KNAUF Plasterboard Factory is a brand new 13,228m2 warehouse and manufacturing facility and, 323m2 office, located in Bundaberg, Queensland. The development is a full plasterboard manufacturing facility, producing complete plasterboard from pure gypsom and packing the product on trucks to be sent out to distributors.


The client expressed their desire for a quality designed and built development that cooperated with their strict budget and timeframe.


McVeigh worked closely with Hutchinson Builders and their german clients throughout the project life cycle to ensure the final product met and exceeded their expectations.


Using effecient design of repetitve portal frames and by rationalising the design brief loading requiremetns to the actual practical usage limits, we were able to save on material and construction costs with thinner slabs and less reinforcement in the structural steel.

Carlton United Brewery

Client / Carlton and United Beverages
Location / Pacific Highway, Yatala
Value / $25 million
Services / Architectural, Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering and Project Management
Sector / Industrial


The exciting project comprised a 32,000m2 warehouse and bottling hall buildings and everyone involved was proud to receive the Structural Engineering Steel Design Award at the Australian Steel Awards for Queensland in 2005.


The McVeigh team provided significant assistance in the project management as part of the procurement, construction management and financial settlement for this project; and added value to the warehouse and bottling hall buildings by understanding the brief thoroughly and ensuring that our design resulted in a simple, low cost but flexible storage space that was easy to build, with only 6 internal column supports.


Innovative solutions regarding the steel work resulted in financial savings, particularly with the complex warehouse staging requirements, which would allow the contractor to construct the bottling hall extension without any disruption to the ongoing bottling operations immediately adjacent.

Brisbane Containter Terminals – Operations Facility

Client / Baulderstone
Location / Port of Brisbane
Construction Value / $80 million (total)
Services / Architecture, Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering and Services Engineering
Sector / Industrial and Commercial


The Brisbane Container Terminals new operations facility is a two storey building encompassing staff amenities, dining and kitchen spaces, offices and a training room on the ground floor. The first floor is office and meeting spaces for the corporate and management staff.


The challenge for the architectural team was to design an aesthetically pleasing building that was also able to reference an industrial feel to suit the buildings purpose and surroundings.


We succeeded in both our, and more importantly, the client’s vision for the buildings’ design, through the use of steel sheeting and a shed-like roof to incorporate an industrial design into a functioning, architecturally pleasing workspace.


The sun shading for the northwest and southwest was designed not only to serve as thermal comfort, but to also create an inventive break between extended expanses of one material. The wrapping wall/awnings and observation deck extend beyond the facade for definition from the concrete and glazing.


The colour palette has been kept clean and neutral to highlight the architectural design of the building and remain true to the industrial design brief. Blue glazing has been used for its energy efficiency which emphasizes the buildings Environmentally Sustainable Design qualities.