Our clients have come to rely on McVeigh designs being elegant, simple, fit for purpose and the appropriate solutions possible. We have a strong reputation for developing designs that cannot be beaten by other consultants.


Our first core value is design. We want to be proud of the designs we complete. Our designs are elegant, simple and do not waste resources.


Our second core value is teamwork. We always think of how what we are doing affects other people on the team. We want work to be fun!


Our third core value is to provide value adding services in a client-centric manner. We aim to add value to each and every of our client’s projects by applying our superior design and management skills to project design and procurement issues. We do this by addressing these issues from our client’s point of view and applying our superior technical and design skills in the passionate pursuit of excellence in what we do and how we do it.


Our final core value is performance. We are a high-performance business providing above average remuneration to our team in a sustainable manner.


We are an “A” team and an employer of energetic and passionate professionals. Top quality professionals are attracted to our firm by our strong team culture and the ample rewards. We highly value our continued training and empathetic team culture. We strive to provide continuous opportunities for individual growth and advancement through training, mentoring and the continued growth of our firm.


The growth of our firm will be fuelled by good work (work we enjoy doing) performed by good people (our team) for good people (our clients) with good fees (we will all be rewarded). We will not compete on the basis of fees, but rather we are sought out because of the value we add to our client’s projects.